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Our complete Pickleball program at Bobby Riggs offers Pickleball to all players at all levels. From introductory classes for those that have never played, to competitive tournaments for players of all levels, you can find it at Riggs.  Many players take advantage of our drop in OPEN PLAY, while others prefer our private court reservation system.  Our instructional program is the best in United States, with World, National, and US OPEN champions on staff.

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New to pickleball?

The best way to get started on your pickleball journey is to sign up here  for one of our Intro to Pickleball classes.  This class is for first timers only, so you will be very comfortable with those around you.  A brief tutorial, a couple skill building drills, and you will be playing pickleball before the class is over.  Once you have completed the class, you have a few options.....

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