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The best way to get started on your pickleball journey is to sign up HERE for one of our Intro to Pickleball classes. 


This class is for first timers only, so you will be very comfortable with those around you.  A brief tutorial, a couple skill building drills, and you will be playing pickleball before the class is over.  Once you have completedthe class, you have a few options.....

1. Take the Journey Begins class which you are now qualified to do, or


2. Go to OPEN PLAY where everyone who shows is there simply to find a game.  As a new player, it is important to go to any OPEN PLAY except Wednesday and Friday at 12 noon, as those 2 times are designated for AGGRESSIVE PLAY, and as a new player, you should steer more towards SOCIAL PLAY until you are ready for AGGRESSIVE PLAY.

Our GUIDED PLAY on Tuesdays at 10am is a drop in session for new players
only, you may wish to check that out too. Our SOCIAL PLAY times ( no aggressive players ) are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon.


All OPEN PLAY sessions except WED and FRI at noon allow for all levels. Simply challenge at your level by placing your paddle in the rack and you have the next game! The majority of our court time at RIGGS is private court reservations, which is available to the public.  OPEN PLAY is a great place to meet PICKLEBALL FRIENDS to make private games with.  Create an account through our reservation system, and you and your friends can play together as often as you want!

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