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Riggs Social Tournaments & Private Events

Private Events

Riggs Social Tournaments put a premium on " Social." All tournaments are on Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm, and conclude with awards presentations and a catered dinner as part of your entry fee.  Events vary between mixed doubles, gender doubles, blind draw, skill and combined skill.  Save the following dates through 2022 with each format chosen and communicated one month prior.

A month prior to each event we send out an invitation to our e mail list of customers.  To be included on this list, and to receive email notifications of all tournaments, leagues, and social events, please CLICK HERE.


6/4 - Mixed

7/9 - TBD 

8/6 - TBD

9/10 - TBD

10/8 - Chuck Lyman Memorial - age combo

11/5 - TBD

12/3 - TBD


There is no better place than the iconic BOBBY RIGGS RACKET and PADDLE CLUB to host a fun, team building private event, party, or fundraiser to enjoy the sport of pickleball and the exercise and togetherness the sport brings to all those who participate.  Whether it is a birthday party, corporate event, or fundraiser, please send all request and info gathering questions to and a staff member will reach out to you to handle your event request.  Thank you

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