Riggs re-opening protocol

Court reservations are through the Court Reserve app or the Court Reserve website.

Follow the link to reserve:



1.  The club is available for tennis and pickleball, not for hanging around and socializing.  Once you are done playing, you are expected to say your goodbyes and go home.


>                                     This time shall pass

>                                     Prepare your digs

>                                     We can pickle at last

>                                     At Bobby Riggs


The RIGGS tennis opening sequence:


Phase 1.  Which we are currently in.  Closed for business with stay at home orders for the last 6 weeks, social distancing required, face masks required.


Phase 2.  Begins Monday, May 4th.  The club will be open for private lessons, semi private tennis lessons as long as both students are isolated under the same roof, 1 on 1 drilling reservations, and singles. Court reservations are $20 per court per hour between the hours of 8am-2pm and 6-9pm. To reserve a court for singles or 1 on 1 drilling, go to https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Portal/Index/5977 to reserve. You will receive a confirmation email or text with your court and time.  The clubhouse will not be open, so please take an envelope and write your name, court, and amount paid (cash only) and toss it in the clubhouse through the locked gates. A court monitor will be by to check the courts and pick up the envelopes.  Reservations may be made 5 days in advance. 


Available coaches are Jim Ault, Charlie Ball, Gary Young, and Zoe Scandalis.  Please text a coach of your choice for a lesson.  Minimum social distancing for private lessons is 14 feet.  Students may only touch the tennis balls with their rackets, only the coach will pick up the balls.


Phase 3.  Doubles reservations for foursomes that either all quarantine together, or for foursomes where each individual team quarantines together. This will be offered when restrictions loosen further.  Check the web site.  


Phase 4.  Group classes.  Once state and local guidelines loosen and we have a better idea of the risks, we will resume with group classes. Players waiting for a drill must separate at least 6 feet apart and change ends on opposite sides of the net. During breaks we will remain apart and maintain distance. There is no waiting at the club before or after group times. 


We will be following the protocols and tips recommended by the USTA. For more information, click here. (Imbed “here”) https://files.constantcontact.com/9327b6ae501/ddba4802-f64d-440e-a074-45116091f005.pdf