Riggs re-opening protocol

1.  The club is available for tennis and pickleball, not for hanging around and socializing.  Once you are done playing, you are expected to say your goodbyes and go home.  Face coverings must be worn coming and going from your court.

2.  Some form of facial covering is required at all times when you are on the same side of the net as your partner.  Be comfortable and respectful and comply.  


3.  Restrooms doors must be left open using the door jam when not in use.  You must sanitize your hands before and after using the restroom. We have hand sanitizers at the club, still bring your own. As Tony Childs would say, "Duh!"

4.  Social distancing is required.  Gloves are optional.  Sanitize, sanitize, sanitize.

 5.  The clubhouse is closed until further notice, the courts are open beginning May 4th.

6.  Be responsible, respect the wishes of others, don't pick up a ball unless it is yours, kick the ball back to another court, sanitize between games.  Call each other out for face touching.  The list is endless.  Stay healthy.  The new norm.  Get used to it.

7.  Bring your own pickleballs!!!  The club is not supplying them.

8.  If you disagree with these policies, you may create your own strict ones, or you simply don't have to come.

                                    If in doubt
                                    About what is wise
                                    Take the bottle out
                                    And sanitize

                                    Don't touch your face
                                    Or touch your nose
                                     Give social space
                                     Which also blows

                                     This time shall pass
                                     Prepare your digs
                                     We can pickle at last
                                     At Bobby Riggs

 Steve Dawson