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Pickleball Reservations

Here's What to Do...

Step 1: If you don't already have one, please create an account with us to book a Pickleball court online. It takes 2 minutes. Click 'Create Account' below to get started.


Step 2: Once you've submitted your online form to create an account, please wait until your account is approved. It could be approved instantly or take up to 24 hours.


Step 3: Once your account has been approved, go to to begin booking your desired courts online. This website will be your BEST FRIEND when wanting to book courts at Bobby Riggs so make sure you save it!

Step 4: BOOM! You have booked your courts!


Few things you should know:

  • Pickleball court reservations are $14 per court per hour 

  • 4 players max per court per reservation

  • Courts may be reserved up to 6 days in advance

  • Refunds are honored if courts are cancelled 48 hours prior to play (see instructions on the Refunds page under the Pickleball tab on our website)

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