Pickleball Open Play 

** During all open play sessions, all  courts are challenge courts with the winning team staying on. Here are our rules 

1.  Challenge at your level 

2.  You must accept all challenges 

3.  If a solo paddle challenges, one player from the losing team must pair with the solo challenger 

4.  Be kind, it matters **

5. Shirts must be worn at all times

6. Water only on courts

Aggressive Play:  Wednesday, and Friday - 12pm to 2pm 


Price: $7 per person


All Levels Welcome:  

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8am-10am

Friday: 6pm to 9pm (4-6pm starting in Nov.)

Saturday, Sunday - 2pm to 5pm


Price: $7 per person

Non-Aggressive Social Play: Tuesday and Thursday - 12pm to 2pm

Price: $7 per person


You may bring your own Pickleball or buy them at Riggs for $3


Guided NOVICE Open Play: Tuesday 10am-12pm

Price: $9 per person

Price: $9 per person. A staff member will be there to help guide players through games and how Open Play works.