Starting August 7th, 2018, Bobby Riggs Tennis Club will be hosting an exciting Advanced Play Ladder on

Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Warm up may begin at 630pm, and social play may follow at 9:00pm.

These are invite-only sessions organized by Mike Shinzaki and Stefan Boyland. This is a private event

organized weekly by Stefan and Mike. If you receive an email invite, you must RSVP by Monday evening at

6pm if you wish to participate. Participants' confirmations will go out late Monday night for theTuesday

evening ladder.


The goal of Ladder is to match advanced players of relatively equal skill levels for optimal practice with a

variety of partners and opponents. Seedings will be utilized to ensure players are assigned a starting court

of appropriate skill level. Starting and ending court positions will be tracked to aid in seeding positions

accurately as the ladder continues over time. Where you finish each week will count towards one's starting

position in future weeks. We have been given access to upwards of 10-12 courts, however demand is certain

to exceed capacity at times. This session promises to be fun, highly challenging, with a great variety of

competitive players.


Invites will go out to players who have entered higher-level sanctioned tournaments and garnered

results/medals in divisions. Invitations will be top down, with priority given to 5.0 players, rounding out all

the courts with 4.5 and 4.0 players. There will be no guaranteed invites, however the confirmations will be

derived from a combination of several factors: Skill level, reliability, club membership, as well as intangibles

such as a good competitive spirit and fun attitude. Ultimately, a judgment call will need to be made at times

when curating a session's attendance list. We will do our best to create a great environment for advanced

level practice. If you would like to be added onto the prospective list of invitees, please email us with a brief

list of pickleball results in sanctioned USAPA tournaments. 


The cost of the weekly event will be $10 for non members, and free for members. Cash only.

Ladder will begin promptly at 7pm and end at 9pm.Players are welcome to warm up or play games in the half-hour preceding and following this two-hour session. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Stefan Boyland & Mike Shinzaki



Format Details:

Prior to each session, players will be assigned an initial court and partner to begin play promptly at7pm. At the end of a timed period, generally 12 minutes, the team ahead in score will be declared the winner. Winners will move up one court, previous partners will split and new pairings will be formed. Those who ended previous games on the right side of the court will move to the north (street) side of the next court for their next game. Players on the losing team will move down one court, split as partners, and players on the right side of the court at time's end will similarly move to the north (street) side of the court. This will ensure that an impartial rotation of players and partners occurs over the course of the session. Each time period will be approximately12 minutes. When "GAME" is announced, teams will complete the current point. If the score is tied, teams will play a tie-break point (one point, rolled off the net by an uninvolved player) and the team that wins that point moves up. Ladder ends at9pm and results will be logged.