Fitness Training

Tuesday 7:15-7:55am

This 40 minute zero impact class is designed to enhance your pickleball fitness and play while reducing injuries by using resistance bands and functional pickleball full body moves used in pickleball competition.  Bring your paddle.  Endorsed by Steve Dawson, and designed by Pablo Healing.  Pablo is a 5.0 pickleball player, certified pickleball coach, and certified fitness trainer.

Member 20, Non-member 25

Wednesday 7:15-8:10am

The class is the same as above, with an additional 15 minute intro to MELT techniques encouraged to be used daily by all.  MELT employs the use of gentle tools and self care protocols to improve the supportive qualities of connective tissue systems as a vehicle to restore neurological stability and sensory motor control.  Ground up.  The ultimate outcome is pain relief and performance improvement.

Member 20, Non-member 25