MEMBERSHIP                        INITIATION                             MONTHLY DUES                       


      Adults*                                             $200*                                      $0                                                     

      Juniors*                                             $0                                           $0                                                        


The membership at Bobby Riggs is a user friendly, flexible system where you pay as you go!  Private games, social mixers, and leagues are all included in the "pay as you go" program.  Below are our fees for members and non members.

MEMBERS:  A fee of $5 for daytime and $10 for evenings 


NON-MEMBERS:  A fee of $10 for daytime and $20 for evenings


BALL MACHINE: Same fee as above

JUNIORS:  Juniors play for free at Bobby Riggs.  We encourage all juniors to jump on any court when it is open and play to your hearts content.  Juniors may not reserve a court or play at night time.  Should a junior wish to have such accommodations, a standard membership should be purchased.


*per household