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The sport of pickleball, America's fastest growing sport, can be learned in 30 minutes in a group setting that is perfect for getaways, events, parties, and team building.  The fabulous Bobby Riggs Racket and Paddle Club is the hub of west coast pickleball and is a perfect choice for sport and bonding. 

Please reach out to our Event Coordinator, Rich Woods, for any questions.  (760) 442-5042 or 

Pablo Healing, Outreach Sales (760) 613-7227 and


We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Group rates:

16 players or fewer : $250 for 2 hours

17 to 32 players:  $350 for 2 hours

32 to 40 players:  $450 for 2 hours


Rates include paddles, balls, court fees, and a pickleball instructor for a group clinic.


All event participants will receive a coupon for 2 complimentary OPEN PLAY pickleball sessions at Bobby Riggs.  Our Event Coordinator will suggest which sessions are best for you

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Private parties 

Private parties 

Networking Event

Team bonding 

Team bonding 

Contact Rich Woods (760) 442-5402 for more information

Pablo Healing, Outreach Sales (760) 613-7227 and