Paul Healing (Pablo)

Specialty Fitness


Paul (“Pablo”) Healing is a USPTA Tennis Pro, an IPTPA Pickleball Instructor, an ISPE facilitator, a certified MELT instructor and a group, corporate and personal fitness trainer. He has completed 15 x Ironman Triathlons and 3 x World Championships, consistently finishing in the top 10% overall.

In 2008, he created PHIT Group (Paul Healing Integrative Training) with a vision of getting people out of indoor gyms and into the fresh air, using beaches, parks and playgrounds to create unique training programs combining functional movement, fitness and fun.

In 2009, Paul introduced PHIT Truck, a large food truck he converted into a fully equipped mobile fitness facility, outfitted with everything from Medicine Balls and Swiss Balls; Thera Bands to Battle Ropes. Since then, more than
3000 people have benefited from the PHIT methodology.
Paul’s personal accomplishments in the triathlete community, together with his innate ability to accurately ‘read’ the most subtle imbalances in athletes and his extensive knowledge of biomechanics have made him widely sought after amidst athletes looking for a competitive edge.


Paul’s most recent addition to the PHIT brand is PHIT Threads, a boutique fitness apparel line specializing in men's shorts, perfectly engineered for motion, performance, and comfort. 

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