Adam YOung

Pickleball Professional

Adam is a certified IPTPA level II Pickleball instructor as well as a member of Team ProKennex.


His Pickleball background begins with Tennis. Adam played both varsity high school (#1 seed for 3 years) and college tennis (Utah Valley University). He also has 2 years of experience coaching tennis at Valley Center High School. 


In the short time Adam has been playing Pickleball, he already has a year of teaching experience at Castle Creek Pickleball Club, and in his first year of playing competitively, he has medalled in over 10 events at the 4.5 and 5.0 levels. 


Adam is the co-creator of KEAF (Kinetic Efficiency and Focus): a method of teaching and playing Pickleball based on efficient mechanics and focused strategy. Adam is eager to share this method with you.


Lesson Price: $70/hour

Contact: (760) 484-4064,